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Note: Wrote this a few years back but the site it was posted on is gone. So I’m posting it here for posterity. Or something.

Yeah, yeah, I know. If you’re an Oregon fan, every day is “I hate Washington day.” But there’s no denying that the animosity ratchets up when the Ducks battle the Huskies in an actual game. So with Washington set to face Oregon on the hardwood tonight in Eugene, I thought I’d share with you one of the (many) reasons why I hate the Washington Huskies.

(Yes, I realize I’m writing an entire post about Washington on an Oregon Ducks blog. I’m not happy about it, but it had to be done.)

I hate the Washington Huskies because they claim to have won—depending on who you ask—one, two or three national championships in football. This is a lie. After examining the facts, the only conclusion any right-thinking person can come to is that the Washington Huskies have zero national championships in football.

Let’s break it down, in reverse order.

The Huskies finished 12-0 and beat Michigan in the Rose Bowl, 34-14. The Miami Hurricanes also finished 12-0, after beating Nebraska 22-0 in the Orange Bowl. Because the Pac-10 champion was contractually obligated to play in the Rose Bowl against the Big-10 champion, a Miami-Washington match-up was impossible. Miami was crowned champion in the AP Poll while the Huskies were the top team in the Coaches Poll, so they actually have a trophy for this one. But if they had any honor, they would call up Dennis Erickson and Gino Torretta and give the ‘Canes what is rightfully theirs, preferably on the 50-yard-line of Husky Stadium when it reopens in 2013.

Remember that Nebraska team that Miami shut out in the Orange Bowl? Washington trailed them 14-6 at halftime. Further, the second best team in the Pac-10 in 1991 was Cal(!), and the Huskies only managed a seven-point win over the Bears, and they didn’t even play the third-place team, UCLA.

Miami, meanwhile, finished with wins over the number three AND number four teams in both polls. They dropped Penn State 26-20 in week five, and the Nittany Lions went on to win the Fiesta Bowl and finished ranked number three.

In November, Miami went to Florida State and knocked off the Seminoles, who at the time were the consensus number one team in the country. That’s right, they beat the top ranked team in all the land. On the road. Guess who the Huskies beat that week? Oregon State, a team that ended the season 1-10. Florida State, by the way, won the Cotton Bowl and finished fourth in the nation.

Quick tangent about the Miami-FSU game: It was the early ‘90s version of the “game of the century.” The consensus leading up to the game was that it was a de facto national championship semi-final. Nobody was talking about Washington jumping either FSU or Miami at the time.

So Miami had a better win over a common opponent, beat their rival on the road when they were ranked number one, and beat the Fiesta Bowl champs, which gave them two wins over top four opponents. Washington’s best wins included exposing a Big-10 team in a major bowl game (that never always happens), and beating Cal by a touchdown. And don’t be fooled by Michigan. This is a team that gave up 51 points to Florida State in a 20-point home loss earlier that season. They were wildly overrated.

Finally, some people have tarnished Oregon’s recent run of success by saying it is simply a by-product of USC being down/on probation. If you ever hear a Husky fan say this, you can kindly point out that in their greatest year ever, the Trojans were 3-8.

This one is laughable, and almost not worth mentioning, but it’s on their damn Wikipedia page, which means at least one Husky fan believes it, so debunk I must.

First of all, Washington didn’t even win the Pac-10. USC did. Second, both the AP and Coaches polls gave undefeated BYU the national championship. End of discussion, right?

Apparently not. According to the genius that wrote the Wikipedia entry on Washington football, the Berryman, Football News and National Championship Foundation polls all awarded Washington the national title in 1984. Similarly, I would like to announce that the Adams, Football Truth and World Title Foundation polls have all awarded Oregon national championships in 2001 (Ducks would have whipped Miami), 2007 (if Dixon doesn’t get hurt, Ducks win title) and 2010 (Dyer was down).

Boom. Now we’ve got three championships, too.

This one really ticks me off. The rules of the day stipulated that the national champions would be crowned based on the final polls of the regular season, and the bowl games would simply be exhibition games. Under these rules, Minnesota was declared the champion by both the AP and UPI (coaches) polls.

However, Washington beat Minnesota in the Rose Bowl that season. Apparently the Huskies think college football is like wrestling, where if you beat the guy with the belt, you’re the champ. They are, of course, delusional.

First of all, Washington wasn’t even undefeated. They had lost at home to Navy in September. Second, there were two teams that were undefeated, and both of them were ranked ahead of Washington in the pre-bowl polls. Fifth-ranked Missouri, who had lost to Kansas late in the season, but was later awarded a win because Kansas used an ineligible player, beat number four Navy (Remember them? They beat Washington.) in the Orange Bowl. Number two Ole Miss, who had zero losses but one tie, beat Rice in the Sugar Bowl, and number three Iowa, whose only loss was to Minnesota, couldn’t even play in a bowl because the Big-10 wouldn’t let its teams play anywhere but Pasadena.

Who else but the Huskies would assume that a one-loss, sixth-ranked team would have vaulted two unbeaten teams that won their bowl games, and another team that was better but wasn’t allowed to play in a bowl?

And people say Oregon fans are arrogant.

So tonight, when you’re watching Oregon and Washington square off at Matthew Knight Arena, remember this: Only one of those schools has an undisputed national championship in football or men’s basketball. And they aren’t wearing purple.

A Theory About Uncle Phil and Tomorrow’s Oregon-Washington Game

Tomorrow is the end of a long con executed by Phil Knight. Everything he has done in his life has been building to the day when his company convinced his alma mater’s rival to wear popcorn-ceiling helmets in a game versus his beloved Oregon Ducks.

Troll hard, Uncle Phil. Troll hard.

The NBA’s I-hit-a-buzzer-beater-that-ended-a-playoff-series club

On Friday night in Portland, Damian Lillard became a member of a very exclusive NBA club. By hitting a buzzer-beater that ended a playoff series, he did something only three other players have done (to be clear, we’re talking about shots that were the final play of a game that ended a playoff series).

Four players — Lillard, Stockton, MJ (twice (of course)), and…Ralph Sampson — have victimized three teams — Houston (twice), Cleveland (twice), and the Lakers — in every round of the playoffs except for the Finals. Here, then, are the members of the club, and the shots that got them in.

Lillard’s shot is the first of its kind this century, and the first made by a player on his home floor. Also the only one where the play starts with less than 1 second on the clock.

John Stockton, game 6 1997 Western Conference finals at Houston.

Michael Jordan, game 4 1993 Eastern Conference Semifinals at Cleveland. This is the only one that doesn’t start with an inbounds play from halfcourt.

Michael Jordan, game 5 1989 Eastern Conference Round One at Cleveland. The most dramatic shot on this list, since a miss would have lost the series for MJ’s Bulls.

Ralph Sampson, game 5 1986 Western Conference Finals at Los Angeles. Ugly, but effective.

No BCS. No Heisman. Nothing left to do but go Animal House on Texas

Huff: Hey! What’s all this laying around stuff? Why are you all still laying around here for?

Moose: What the hell are we supposed to do, ya moron? Marcus didn’t get invited to the Heisman ceremony. There’s nothing to fight for anymore.

Lokombo: Let it go. War’s over, Huff. BCS dropped the big one.

Huff: What? Over? Did you say “over”? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!

Mariota: Germans?

DAT: Forget it, he’s rolling.

Huff: And it ain’t over now. ‘Cause when the goin’ gets tough…


Huff: The tough get goin’! Who’s with me? Let’s go!

[Huff runs out alone, then returns]

Huff: What the fuck happened to the Oregon I used to know? Where’s the spirit? Where’s the guts, huh? This could be the greatest night of our season, but you’re gonna let it be the worst. “Ooh, we’re afraid to go with you Huff, we might get in trouble.” Well just kiss my ass from now on! Not me! I’m not gonna take this. Heisman, he’s a dead man! BCS, dead! Applewhite…

Mariota: Dead! Huff’s right. Psychotic… but absolutely right. We gotta take these bastards. Now we could do it with a conventional offense, but that could take years and cost millions of lives. No, I think we have to go all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires us playing so well that Mack Brown wishes he’d recruited all of us as safeties!

Huff: We’re just the guys to do it.

Lokombo: [stands up] Yeah, I agree. Let’s go get ‘em.

DAT: Let’s do it.

Huff: [shouting] Let’s do it!

[All of the Ducks stand up and run out with Huff]

Michael Jordan and the Greatest Cereal Box of All Time

Today is Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of the various tributes on TV and the web. I figured I’d get in on the fun, too, and pay homage to MJ and the greatest cereal box of all time.

The expiration date on the box is November 1991, so this would have been released right around the time he was leading the Bulls to their first title. I was 14 at the time, and Michael Jordan and cereal were two of my favorite things (actually, they still are), so of course I was eating my Wheaties.

Leave it to MJ to take cereal box interactivity to the next level. Take that, Cap’n Crunch!

My god! That’s a basketball court!

The basketballs.

Three views of the shooter. I loved the fact that my cereal came with accessories.

The floor.

The hoop. No net, so it’s got a bit of that city park feel. “Glass” backboard though.

Excellent shooting backdrop. Better than most Final Fours.

For 3…

A couple of overhead view. It really is an attractive package.

It really doesn’t get much better than a big bowl of cereal and shooting hoops with Michael Jordan. Oh, and please don’t tell my wife I’ve saved a cereal box for 20+ years.

Tweet-up at Matthew Knight Arena

If you’ve ever wondered if the people you follow on Twitter are as cool (or dorky) in real life as they are on Twitter, now’s your chance to find out.

On Saturday, February 9, join a tweet-up at Matthew Knight Arena for the Oregon vs. Utah men’s basketball game. The game starts at 5 p.m., and the Fiesta Bowl champion football team will be honored at halftime.

We’re getting backcourt terrace seats for $20 each (regular price $24). Please let me know if you’d like to join us by 11 a.m. Monday, February 4. The tickets must be purchased at one time, so I’ll do the buy and collect either via PayPal or at the game.

Let me know via Twitter (@JonathanAdams) or email JonathanEAdams at gmail dot com.

1982: Fresno State 10, Oregon 4. Yes, That is a Football Score

The last time Fresno State beat Oregon, the Ducks somehow scored just 4 points. In a football game.

In light of Oregon’s recent run of success propelled by their explosive offense, the 30-year-old game stories from the Register-Guard are shocking. Three straight games without an offensive touchdown. Fresno State players mockingly asking if they can “play this team every year.” The Washington Huskies ranked number one.


But it wasn’t entirely hopeless. As the writer notes, the Ducks would still be favored over Oregon State.


Tweet-up at Matthew Knight Arena - It’s On!

Thanks to everybody for the feedback. We have more than enough interest to get the group rate, so here we go:

Utah at Oregon, Saturday, March 3. Game time TBA. Tickets are $22 each.

What I need from you:
Firm confirmation that you will be attending. Remember, I have to buy all of the tickets, so don’t leave me hanging people!

I would like to order the tickets on Monday, January 30, so let me know if you’re in by then. I would like to send everyone their tickets before the game, so we’ll have to work out payment options. Checks or PayPal (or…?) will be fine (although if you’re paying via PayPal the cost will be $23 per ticket to cover their fees). Once I get a confirmation from you, I’ll send you payment info.

So, contact me on Twitter here or send me an email JonathanEAdams at Gmail dot com and let me know if you can attend. I will update the list of attendees on this page as I get them.

Also, I might try and set up a pre or post game get-together (depending on when the game starts) at a local restaurant, so I’ll keep you posted on that.

Confirmed attendees

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Tweet-up at Matthew Knight Arena

Interested in a Tweet-up at Matthew Knight Arena? Here are the options:

1. Washington State at Oregon, Saturday, February 11. Game tips at 3 p.m. Tickets are $23 each.

2. Utah at Oregon, Saturday, March 3. Game time TBA. Tickets are $22 each.

I picked Saturday games because I assume that’s easier for everyone than Thursday games.

To get those prices we need a minimum of 20 people. Also, one person (me) has to pay for the tickets and then settle up with everyone else, so once we decide on the game, I’ll need firm commitments and payment (maybe via PayPal).

So, email me if you’re interested and tell me which game you prefer. Also, if you have any suggestions on payment options, let me know. I’ll leave this up for a week and then post final details based on your input next Thursday.

JonathanEAdams at Gmail dot com or hit me up on Twitter or Facebook. 

Posted this lyric before the Oregon-LSU game, and it’s still valid so I’m re-posting:

"Photo shoot fresh, looking like wealth. I’m ‘bout to call the paparazzi on myself." —From "Otis" by Jay-Z and Kanye West.